About Us

Information is at the center of the modern enterprise. Personal information allows businesses to unlock new products and services for their customers.

It can make governments more responsive to individual citizens. Everyday, we provide our personal information in order to make products and services more valuable.

The law provides new protections to data subjects – the individuals who submit their personal information. At the same time, in imposes specific duties to persons and organizations that process that information.

We believe that educating both ordinary persons – as well as the organizations that process their personal information – is key to a balanced data privacy regime. This site aims to promote the deep understanding of data privacy issues, and provide a platform for informed discussion on the data privacy law.

Disini & Disini Law Office has always been at the leading edge of adopting and understanding data privacy law. As early as 2008, our Managing Partner, Professor JJ Disini, co-drafted the Department of Trade and Industry’s Administrative Order No. 9, the country’s first data privacy regulation. Since then, the law firm has organized events and held discussions on data privacy and related topics.

It has engaged the public, through the media, about developments in the field. It has advised businesses and government agencies on their data privacy concerns. Recently, it engaged in public interest litigation before the Supreme Court (Disini v. Secretary of Justice), confronting the privacy impacts of the Cybercrime Prevention Act.

Data Privacy Philippines is the hub where Disini & Disini and its partner organizations coordinate their efforts for a better understanding of data privacy and the data privacy law.

Through this website, we will provide:

  • Timely, relevant information on developments in data privacy
  • In-depth analysis of legal problems concerning data privacy
  • Accessible guides and tools for specific data privacy concerns
  • Resources for training and compliance